Gift of Refuge

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Gift of Refuge

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What you need to know

Be a part of Harbour East Asia's provision of basic needs, education, community engagement, and leadership development for refugees and asylum-seekers. Get 10% off at Reformation Brewery for the month of March when you wear the shirt to the brewery!

Harbour is a partnership of refugees and non-refugees creating solutions to the challenges of instability, isolation and lack of purpose faced by refugee communities in East Asia. We focus on addressing these challenges through meeting basic needs, education programs and community engagement. Leadership development and collaboration is at Harbour’s core. Refugee leaders guide and shape programs with the support of volunteers and other partnering organizations to develop relevant and effective models for refugee and asylum-seeker care. Through these collaborative efforts we see refugee communities living safely and purposefully in their host country while being equipped for the future.

Refugees and asylum-seekers in our East Asia country of operation are urban refugees, living in some of the largest cities across the country. The majority of the population comes from conflict prone countries such as Somalia, Nigeria and Liberia. Though our country of operation is a signatory to the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and the 1961 Protocol, the absence of a national refugee legislative framework leaves the population vulnerable and without many basic rights. Refugees who successfully register with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) are granted temporary residence until they are resettled to a third county, a process that typically takes six years. Asylum-seekers and refugees lack the proper paperwork to be legally employed or attend school, hindering integration into local society. Consequently, they often find their time of transition extremely unstable and unfulfilling. Financially they are solely dependent upon family remittances or UNHCR stipends. Due to escalating global conflict, the number of refugees has grown considerably in the last few years, resulting in the UNHCR cutting funding 70% per refugee since 2013. The UNHCR is only able to provide financial assistance to people with refugee status, a lengthy process that can take up to two years. Until then, individuals are defined as asylum-seekers and are granted no financial assistance. Refugees, on average, receive a housing and food allowance of $73 a month.

T-shirt proceeds go directly to Harbour East Asia.

More information on Harbour can be found here:

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