Joshua Voiles - Spire - Heroes' Bane

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Joshua Voiles - Spire - Heroes' Bane

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"We would have no heroes if, in the moment they were called to action, they decided to wait. Heroism is taking action to do important things even when we are afraid."

Learning to dance with fear is the art of the hero.

This dance begins when you acknowledge that fear is neither a friend nor a foe. Fear is simply a useful part of your DNA.

First, acknowledge fear for the gift that it is. It kept our species alive for hundreds of thousands of years. Without fear, you wouldn’t be here. Fear is necessary and important.

Next, acknowledge that the way we relate to fear today gets in our way of greatness. Most the time, our reactions to fear are unjustified. We allow fear to hold us down for reasons that have nothing to do with preserving our mortality.

But remember that fear is just doing its job. It’s seeing the threat. Give thanks for that emotion when it kicks in to protect you in real life-or-death situations. It’s useful.

But never let it stop you.

The Hero’s Bane is succumbing to fear. You have every opportunity and chance to be a hero, by not submitting to fear. Every act of heroism is acting in spite of fear.

This song is what it feels like to have the hero’s bane bearing down upon you. You’re dancing through fear. It never really lets up, because it’s always there. But you decide how to relate with it.

"Having a plan and acting on it to advance our lives, regardless of the terror within, makes us legend."

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