Are you giving your customers the ever important reason "Why" to buy?

We work with tons of brands, bands, organizations, artists, and social influencers. We’ve seen StoreFrontier™ store owners do truly amazing things with the platform. We’ve seen absolutely mind blowing sales and new businesses created (people literally quitting their day jobs). In the case of organizations, charities, schools and clubs we’ve seen them generate funds for causes and in some cases for people who might be hurting or in need.

Stop for a moment of introspection… Why should someone purchase your items? 

Hopefully, that answer came to you quickly. 

The “why” is almost always the most important factor in every purchase. You have to let your customers know not just “what” you have available for purchase in your store, but more importantly “why” they should buy your items.


So here are some examples and answers to the “why”:

To Support You and Keep You Creating

Life is short! Do what you love and love what you do. Offering merch to your fans gives them a way to support you and show their support by becoming a walking billboard for your brand. Just simply telling them as much, can be incredibly powerful. They already subscribe, interact, and listen… give them something to wear proudly and tell them how purchasing your items helps you to keep creating and providing amazing content.

To Help With A Specific Project or Endeavor

If you’ve got a project, are starting a new endeavor, or need help to accomplish a goal you’ve set… Tell your fans and more importantly give them a way to help. When you create your items on StoreFrontier™, you can write a description for your item and even embed a YouTube video right into the buying experience. These are the perfect areas to explain the value and reason “why” the customer should purchase your item.

To Do Good For Others or People In Need

There are tons of amazing and good hearted people in this world, and they love to do good and help others. If you’re seeking donations, or are trying to do a fundraiser, consider launching a TeeBlast™. TeeBlasts™ are timed limited offerings. You can create a new item or turn on an existing item as a TeeBlast™. During the launch process, you choose when you want your sale to begin and end. With TeeBlasts™, we hold all orders until the end of the campaign, and produce in a large wave. When we produce in bulk, printing costs come down, and we pass along that savings directly to you in the form of extra profit.

In every great StoreFrontier™ success story, one thing is always present… the reason “Why”!

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