What you can do to make sure customers find your products.

StoreFrontier™ is the preferred web store and fulfillment solution provider for some of the most amazing artists, brands, bands, organizations, and social influencers on the planet. 

There is now an ocean full of stores launched and live on the site, and we don't want you to get lost. While forgetting to add relevant hashtags to a launch hasn't literally caused anyone to die, it definitely can cause your items to sink to an abyss of non-relevance.  

Sink-or-Swim... Let's jump right in and talk about hashtags so we can help you rise to the top and swim with the big fish.

Where to add hashtags to your designs

Not taking the time to add hashtags is one of the most common missteps we see store owners make. On the last step of the launch process, you'll see an area where you can add up to 10 unique hashtags to describe your item. If you forgot, it's super easy to hop in and add new hashtags or edit your existing ones. When logged in, simply go to My Library and click the "Edit Content" button under an existing design name. Scroll to the bottom, add your 10 hashtags, and/or edit to your hearts content.

Your items might be nearly invisible right now

Adding relevant hashtags will immediately increase visibility of your items. If a customer knows the exact name of your design, they can use the search at the top of the site to find that specific item easily. Sure, they can also just type in the name of your store and browse for the design too; but If they forgot the name of the item or your store name, it's going to be a little tougher for them. If they don't know the name of the item, they're likely going to search based on subject matter or what the design looks like to them. That's where hashtags are really going to help out ane ensure customers can find and discover your items. Adding thoughtful, highly relevant and descriptive hashtags will make it easier for customers to get right to where they want to go, and will increase the chance that they add that item to their cart, and complete the checkout process.

Hashtags are also super-important in helping random shoppers discover items they didn't know existed. As the ocean of stores and items has rapidly grown, StoreFrontier™ has become a shopping destination for random shoppers seeking out something special for themselves or as a gift for others.

Adding relevant hashtags is one of the keys to:

  1. Increasing your visibilty to customers outside of your influence
  2. Gaining more followers through random discovery
  3. Generating more sales from StoreFrontier™ visitors 

How to decide on relevant hashtags

This part is gonna take some good old fashioned thought and creativity. A great way to get started is the "rapid fire" method. Quickly think and type as many descriptive words as you can. You can go really fast and easily remove the ones you think aren't quite working as you go or hone them when you hit the maximum of 10. As an example, let's say you're a brewery and the design you're launching is for a new Citrus IPA you're rolling out as a seasonal beer for summer. Great hashtags might include: #beer #ipa #craftbeer #brewery #citrus #citrusipa #orange #fruit #summer #summerbeer and... Boom! We've got 10 pretty decent hashtags that will be huge in making sure customers can effectively search for and find your products. 

What else are hashtags used for?

StoreFrontier is constantly growing and evolving. We're constantly adding new abilities and features to StoreFrontier™ all the time. Hashtags are going be a huge part of future intelligence we add to the site in hopes of engaging customers, and increasing visibility of your products on StoreFrontier™ and across all of the web. If you haven't been utilizing hashtags, now's the time! If you're just getting started setting up a store and filling it up, you're now ahead of the curve!

The future is bright, we're excited to work with you as an extension of your team to do huge things both now and in the future.

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