How to generate tons of buzz through social sharing

Whether you’re selling 10 or 10,000 items a month, the question on everybody’s mind is “how do I increase sales”? Maybe you’re just starting out, but even if you’re a war-hardened merchandising veteran; the most important thing you can understand is the incredible power of sharing and creating buzz about your store and all of the cool merch you have available.

Share and more importantly share often!

We print, process, pack, ship and handle any and all customer service for you! Our goal is to free you up to create cool content, market your designs, and cultivate lasting and meaningful relationships with your fans.

As is the case with any relationship, investment of time and regular communication and shows of affection and appreciation are the keys. Whoa… we might have just helped your love life with that little tidbit! But seriously, it’s exactly the same with your fans!

Share… share… share! Unfortunately, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks throttle your shares (especially if you have a business page). Your fans will typically only see a small fraction of what you post. We’ll cover the huge benefits of investing in paid advertising and sponsored posts in another knowledge base post. 

If you’re not currently budgeting for ads and sponsored posts, you’re going to have to dig in and really hit it hard! We regularly see that our most successful store owners engage with their social audiences every single day, and usually 3 or more times per day. One of the coolest things about having a storefront jam packed with awesome designs is that you have cool shareable content ready to go all the time! Even better, those cool posts featuring your merch have the power to earn money!

Hashtag it up and be sure to mention StoreFrontier™

When your posts are being throttled by the social gods and mighty Zuckerberg, you can use hashtags to help get your content in front of the right people. That’s the single best way to grow your following, but it also increases the likelihood that your posts are being discovered by people actually seeking and searching out content like what you’re sharing.

Let’s segway here to the power of mentioning other brands and social influencers.  

Social networks have algorithms that are constantly changing and evolving so nobody has the golden rule for how to get seen all the time, every time. One thing that does seem to be consistent is the weight and value of relationship. These are social networks of course, and so obviously they want their users to be social. When it makes sense, tag individuals and brands that you know will be very likely to engage with what you post. That might be a like, a comment, a re-share, a re-post, mention in their stories; or maybe it’s a winky face or the emoji of an eggplant(whatever that one means!). 

QUICK TIP: We know a brand that absolutely loves interacting, commenting and liking content every time they’re mentioned or tagged in a post… It’s US! Tag and mention StoreFrontier when you post about your merch and designs.

We’ve got an amazing social team tasked with building community socially. Our team is always on the lookout for cool content to interact with and also loves to share in order to help promote designs and brands we think are awesome and are poised to do big things.

On Facebook, mention: @storefrontierwebstores

Instagram and Twitter, mention: @StoreFrontier

We also dabble on a lot of other social networks, so always pop us a mention so we can jump in and throw some weight behind your posts! We love working with you, and we want to see you grow your brand and do amazing things and put a few dings in the universe along the way. Tag us, we’ll tag you… Sharing is caring!


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