Love Travels with Arthur Braddy III

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Love Travels with Arthur Braddy III

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What you need to know

Hello everyone! This is Arthur Braddy III, host and Executive Producer of Love Travels. I'm excited for this not only can you keep up with the way I travel and hope to inspire others to travel but a docu-series is being developed too! Let's get it. So I'm born and raised in New York with about a 7 year time period in Florida Kissimmee/Orlando are(which I loved my time there. Now here I am back in New York the city of dreams and aspirations. Like the famous quote says if you could make it here, you can make it anywhere. 
I started off as an actor at a very young age. Always the "class clown" always tHe life of the party, basically I always loved and still love putting smiles on faces. Eventually that transitioned into me wanting to do for others, especially those less fortunate than most. So I started doing various volunteer efforts from working with All Hands Volunteers helping families who were effected by Super Storm Sandy in NYC to feeding the homeless on numerous occAsions with various groups. I love to help motivate and inspire others. 

Traveling has been something I have always liked to do. just seeing a new place outside of my hometown was awesome to me at a young age. I remember my father used to drive us down to my grandparents house in Georgia from NY in the good ole green 96 Ford Windstar. Throughout the road trip we used to stop and visit family in Maryland then see my mothers parents in Virginia and then keep on heading down south until we made it to Georgia. I can still see the cool "South of the border" signs in my head. 

My goal with this blog is to be honest, transparent and committed to bringing you a unique and exciting travel experience. Including tips, behind the scenes footage and photos and my favorite part, a section I will call "The Connect" where I connect you with people who helped me so I can help you. Things that I used on my trips where to buy them, places to stay 

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