Black Long Sleeve

Black Long Sleeve

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What you need to know

Are you tired of seeing everyone else pursuing and doing their purpose while you are feeling stuck on the sidelines because you are too afraid to put yourself out there.

Friend, I know you are tired of limiting yourself.

You want more.

In this Confidence Builders t-shirt collection I know the Long Sleeve Tee Gildan 5400 what you need to activate your power within to break the mentality of I'm too shy and I'm insecure to move with boldness and confidence into serving in your purpose because of wearing bold statements from the word of God, and its.

Fashion fit
Super soft
Fitted 100% In Ring Spun Cotton
Retail quality

Whats the purpose of the collection?

The Confidence Builder Collection is my collection of Christian t-shirts. This collection is all about stirring up and activating your inner boldness to do everything God has purposed you to do.

I know all too well what it's like to be bound by your fears and insecurities. I allowed these fears to hinder me year after year for way too long. I would start and stop doing my purpose when it required more of stepping out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there.

After taking Power Statements from Gods word to break the curse of self-doubt and fear, to building up my belief in myself and my abilities to do everything God has put in my heart to do.

I've started the Confidence Builder Movement to help you do the same. In this movement I've created these t-shirts as a way for you to wear Power Statements '' (because there is power in His Word) as a constant reminder of how equipped, capable and powerful you are. And as you put on these t-shirts you can boldly confess them to help you break the curse of self-doubt and fear.

Grab Your BONUS
As a BONUS for the purchase of your Confidence Builders t-shirt, I'm giving you access to my 10 Day Video Series "Achieve Your God-Given Dream" and my Find Your Passion 23 Powerful Questionnaire.

Simply email me your purchase receipt at so I can send you your bonuses.

Grab your confidence builders t-shirt today and join the Confidence Builder movement today.

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