Team Halloween

Team Halloween

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Are You Team Halloween or Team Cyborg?
Every year, Netherworld presents two uniquely elaborate haunted attractions, each quite distinct from the other. And every year, the battle rages as to which people think is best. It's often quite heavily debated, but in the end, despite our "2nd Haunt" claiming the crown more than a few times, the bragging rights have more often gone to our main event. So the question is, in 2020, are you Team Halloween Nightmares (Main Haunt) or Team Cyborg Shock (2nd Haunt)?

We have never in our history offered a current year theme shirt for sale online, but this tradition demanded change in 2020. Since we know that many people will not be able to grab this year's theme shirts due to travel restrictions, lack of ticket availability (given the drastically reduced capacity at Netherworld this year) or because of general concerns about doing anything social these days...we've decided to offer them up for sale online.

Please note that we will as customary, have a two-sided version of our theme shirt available during haunt operating hours this year -- so if you plan to attend, you may want to wait until you are at Netherworld to purchase. But unlike purchasing on-site though, purchasing online offers more color and style choices than by purchasing on-site. On-site, only dual-sided black unisex and ladies tees will be offered.
Please also note that the online versions of this year's theme shirts are slightly different than the theme shirt to be sold on-site, perhaps most notably, they are dated.
And one last thing to note (for those of you who plan to attend Netherworld this year) is that our expansive Gift Shop will be closed this year and in its place will be a small pop-up shop with a dozen or so Netherworld souvenir items, including the annual dual-sided theme shirt. This is but one of the many, many changes we have adopted in order to create a safer environment here in 2020.

HALLOWEEN NIGHTMARES: Over a hundred years ago the survivors of a brutal family feud sought vengeance against another mountain clan. Using evil powers stolen from undying monsters beneath the earth, they were transformed into savage bat-like things and on Halloween night slaughtered their enemies before creeping into deep hidden caverns to hide from the light of the sun. Now they plan to surface once more on October 31st disguised as distorted costumed revelers to bring destruction to the cursed town of Whyshburg! Only a trio of mysterious trick or treaters called the Children of Autumn can stop the carnage from happening once more!

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