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The Average Shooter Shirt

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What you need to know

The Average Shooter (TAS) is our social media name that is a representation of exactly what we want to represent.

We here at TAS, want to showcase our passion for firearms to other average shooters just like us that like to go out to a range, have some fun, and educate people with information that we feel is applicable to what we are doing on our channel and other media outlets.

TAS vows to not belittle our viewers, subscribers, or followers or treat them with disrespect simply because they aren't as informed or because they ask questions. We enjoy our community and do the best we can to reply to everyone and show our appreciation. We understand that there will always be someone new to the shooting world and in the mix of our group, we are always learning something new and have new shooters with us in some of our content. We encourage questions, opinions, and information to be passed our way that we may have missed pointing out in our media!

We strive to produce quality videos, pictures, and other things such as giveaways.

We also want to remain unbiased to the best of our ability. We have amongst our group, a left-handed shooter, a couple active military personnel, a couple female shooters, as well as other random differences for some of the most diverse reviews and opinions.

The Average Shooter shirt will show that you are a part of our ever growing team and support! Proceeds will go to improving our camera equipment and our content through other means such as giveaways. Help us grow by expanding our name! Represent us and all the other average shooters out there by grabbing one of these shirts today!

-The Average Shooter Team.

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