The Whiskey Gentry is recording at Echo Mountain!

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The Whiskey Gentry is recording at Echo Mountain!

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What you need to know

On October 26th, we head to Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, North Carolina to record our third, full length album. In terms of recording studios, Echo Mountain is the real deal. It's a beautiful and completely legitimate recording experience - anyone from the Avett Brothers to Zac Brown to Flogging Molly have cut records inside their walls, and we're so lucky to be able to add our name to their roster! This adventure, however, doesn't come without a price.

So that's why we are turning to YOU, our fans! Rather than creating another Kickstarter (you all were more than gracious to support those two!), we would like to offer a very limited, very unique, and very affordable product to our fans to help us raise a little extra cash for the new record and commemorate this exciting experience we are about to enter! What better way to broadcast your support for a band than a badass teeshirt?? Designed by Conrad Garner, this limited run and limited edition shirt will ONLY be sold through TeeBlaster for the allotted time. Once the time is up, it's gone forever and we will NEVER EVER run it again. ALL PROCEEDS OF THIS TEE GO TO HELP US FUND THE NEW RECORD!! In return, you will receive a one-time-only piece of memorabilia that helped us make record #3 happen!

As always, we can't thank you guys enough for your continued support for the band and our music. We're thrilled for this recording experience, and we can't wait you all to hear the new tunes!!

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